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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Overall: 14.4cm H x 6.6cm W x 3.3cm D
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Do You Like Using Air Fresheners

Air fresheners can be found in many shapes, sizes and uses. For starters, there are certain air fresheners that are Spray Can types. You can use these to spray around your house or office with the purpose of purifying the air.

No matter what the ad says, there is hardly ever any actual purification taking place when you do this. It mostly only just gives the place a feeling of inhaling fresh air. That is why such basic air fresheners seem to come in scents that are tantalizing, such as Lavender mystique, Citrus blook and similar others.

Of course, there are other air fresheners that are slightly more advanced. Generally, the advanced air fresheners, when used, mix with your home or small office electrically engineered air purifying systems.

While this purifying system does its work of purifying the air via series of processes like pollen filters, charcoal filters, etc, the air fresheners work as ad on tool for the purpose of removing bad odors.

They also help to provide a kind of fresh and clean scent. As much as the Spray Can type of air fresheners have varieties, you have the choice of selecting a variety of scents that you like.

I don't know about you, but in our home, this is the air freshener type that we use. What we are now faced with is what scent to use with it. My wife prefers air freshener that is somewhat citric in nature.

In this vain, she buys pine and lavender scented kind of air freshener. As for me, I always prefer the scents that has manly musk. When used, our home would always have a variety of air freshener scents.

Different rooms having different scents. For example, the air freshener in my study provides a strong smell of musk and wood, while my wife says the bedroom smells of lavender. The kids are not left out. They can have any air freshener to keep the stench of week old pizzas and other kinds of debris at bay.

The industries are not left out. There are industrial variety of air freshener used specifically in industries, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and other such places termed "industries".

They are used in such places to freshen their air and purify it some more. Horticulturists are not left out in the use of fresheners. They use fresheners in the promotion of speedy growth in certain types of plants.

Majority of offices that have centralized air conditioning system or plant make it a habit to use such industrial varieties of air fresheners for the primary aim of purifying and cleaning the air.

From the studies that have been conducted on air fresheners, opinions are not the same. Many experts insist that air fresheners are nothing more than forerunners of doom.

Such experts have conducted research which indicate that air fresheners, particularly those which come in cans that are pressurized, with CFC content can end up having carcinogenic results.

Others say this isn't completely true. This second school of thought say, if air fresheners are used moderately, they would reduce the harmful effects of bacteria, dust and other types of irritants, instead of causing harm to humans.

As for me, I have used air fresheners for almost a decade now without any problems. I am still hale, hearty and very healthy. That means nothing will stop me from continuing my use of air fresheners!

17 of 18 Review For Plus Weather Station

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2021-Dec-18 )


    Fantastic item, only 1 slight problem when installing the hinges DO NOT follow the instructions and use the longer screws as stated as they are too long in 1 of the holes.... use the smaller screws!!!

  • Review by R

    R ( 2020-Feb-24 )


    We put a large insulated container inside, fill it with ice and cold drinks. VERY handy when it's hot outside. This matches our other outdoor furniture. It looks nice and is a large seating surface-or side table.

  • Review by Stina

    Stina ( 2020-Nov-30 )


    Love the size and tropical look of these chairs! They fit under my patio table nicely and the fact that they also have arms is a real plus.

  • Review by Greg

    Greg ( 2020-Mar-07 )


    Ordered the garden set for my elderly parents. The rattan effect furniture is scratched and has slight damage. Didn't realise this until the furniture was out of the box and on the patio in the daylight. It's too much hassle for them to return. Very poor quality furniture. I was going to order a bed for my sons room but have now changed my mind and have ordered from another company.

  • Review by Salima

    Salima ( 2020-Mar-28 )


    This was everything I expected. It is not only great for storage but it is also extra seating outside. I not only really liked this product but I purchased one for my son and his family! 5 star.

  • Review by Sam

    Sam ( 2022-Jan-24 )


    Lovely set, as advertised can’t fault it. Looks great on my balcony. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  • Review by Verified Customer

    Verified Customer ( 2022-Jan-18 )


    These chairs are comfortable and look great but beware the assembly is not simple. The holes required were not all drilled correctly and the back slats were badly attached. I bought the last in stock so did not want to return them, but with extra tools and drill we are now very pleased with them

  • Review by Robert

    Robert ( 2020-Sep-17 )


    nice looking, good quality product, I had to tighten all the screws on it and one of them refused to tighten up but overall happy with the item.

  • Review by Claudette

    Claudette ( 2020-Apr-07 )


    Great product,easy to assemble.Allowed me to clear the garage,saving lots of items that would have had to be thrown away!Fits the garden nicely and really does not look out of place.

  • Review by Della

    Della ( 2021-Nov-30 )


    Bigger than I expected which is great, lovely colour and solid sturdy materials it made of, it looks amazing in my garden with my small tree in it

  • Review by Roseann

    Roseann ( 2020-Jun-13 )


    It must be the easiest ever flat pack everything was marked holes pre drilled screws ect all in separate bags and looks great

  • Review by Marcy

    Marcy ( 2021-Dec-20 )


    Excellent value for money.Easy to put together.Have lots of different vegetables planted.Looks well in corner of garden

  • Review by Aileen

    Aileen ( 2021-Aug-15 )


    Really pleased with this shoe storage, very well made. Great instructions and easy to put together. Goes perfectly with the coat and and storage unit also purchased.

  • Review by Bobby

    Bobby ( 2021-Apr-16 )


    Quite tricky to put together especially the back board which was very uneven and it doesnt seem to sit flat to the floor making it a bit wobbly. However it does look nice in my hallway.

  • Review by Marshel

    Marshel ( 2021-Apr-24 )


    Really easy to put together and great for the price

  • Review by Justin

    Justin ( 2021-Aug-24 )


    Well packaged, individual bags of nuts, bolts, and instructions easy to follow. Feels solid and looks good.

  • Review by Delena

    Delena ( 2020-Jul-14 )


    Great space saving greenhouse for a budget. With covid 19 and the children being home schooled this was just the ticket to do some work in the garden.

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