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  • Assembly Required: No
  • Overall: 85cm H x 42cm W x 42cm D
  • Overall Product Weight: 130kg
    • This birdbath is a stunning combination of the rainbow bowl majestically placed on top of the tactile sandstone plinth and is a wonderful feature to attract birds. The mixture of the items both carved from beautiful rainbow sandstone with its lavender orange plum and purple tones creates a stunning piece of garden sculpture.It is frost and weather-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Natural stone is a product of nature and as such no two pieces are the same making your birdbath...

      Product Name Chip Birdbath
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
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      Category Bird Baths
      Main Category Garden Decor

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All About of Bird Baths

Bird Baths

Robins , blackbirds , finches , tits , thrushes... We all love birds in our garden. So for many of us installing a bird table or bird feeder in our garden is an integral part of garden decorating. But have you ever thought about a bird bath as well? Birds like to drink as well as eat. Bird baths are a great way to offer clean water to our avian friends. They also serve as safe and clean places to take a bath as the name "bird bath " already suggests.

What Type of Bird Bath to Buy


Any waterproof material like resin , plastic , or stone is suitable for your bird bath. Just make sure it is easy to clean.

Wayfair offers many different kinds of bird baths. While the little birds do not care so much about style , we have a wide selection of designs in different materials to choose from. Buy the bird bath that supplements your garden decoration or works as an eye-catching garden ornament while providing great drinking and bathing facilities for the birds.

Installing a Bird Bath


While a few plant saucers or kitchen plates filled with water and placed around the garden on the grass or a wall , can be enough to keep the birds happy , it is better to keep bird baths higher up on a pole or stand , or even hang them from a beam or tree branch - as long as cats cannot climb up there. And to be honest , a nice , decorative basin on a stand which fits in with the rest of your garden decoration looks very pleasing.

Keeping your Bird Bath Clean

Cleaning your bird bath regularly helps to keep the birds healthy and keeps them coming back to your garden again and again. Remove all bird droppings , leaves and other plant parts and any other dirt from your bird bath regularly. Wipe it and rinse it out properly to remove any buildup of algae and change the water regularly.

Add a Bird Feeder to your New Bird Bath

Once you have decided which bird bath is the best fit for your garden , make sure to browse our selection of bird feeders and bird tables as well. Next to drinking and bathing , garden birds also like a little nibble of food.

With both bird baths and bird feeders , you provide help to British wildlife while being able to enjoy bird watching in your very own garden. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Bird Baths for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Bird Baths that are right for your home. With great products like the Archer Bird Bath and the Rodney Bird Bath on Pole you're sure to find the right Bird Baths that fit into your home.

16 of 34 Review For Chip Birdbath

  • Review by Lynn

    Lynn ( 2020-May-28 )


    Really poor quality. Brought two. Both painted badly, screws don't sit flush and had to re-drill two holes to allow bolts to pass through. Actual wood parts cut really well just assembled and painted badly - looks like a speedy production run with lack of quality control. shame. Lovely chairs if only the finish matched! Will be sending them back.

  • Review by Ann Bowie

    Ann Bowie ( 2020-Jan-09 )


    Ordered this Sofa Set came within 2 days of Ordering well Impressed , Looks lovely on my Patio and is very comfortable, Made the Bank Holiday Chilling on it , in the Sunshine

  • Review by Kristen

    Kristen ( 2020-Feb-11 )


    I purchased this as well as the 1 matching leather holder for a recent powder room remodel. Looks lovely! I used artificial succulents in them so theres no worry of watering plantsdamaging wallstoo much weight. Really helps complete an otherwise bare wall. Came exactly as described and was beyond easy to install!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Feb-06 )


    Great storage unit, easy to build (built on my own with minimal tools) and sturdy! Fits in the space perfectly! Was sick of the pile of shoes under the coats!!

  • Review by Janice

    Janice ( 2020-Feb-04 )


    Great service all round. The storage box feels really sturdy and great quality, and can fit loads in it. It didn’t take long to put together either.

  • Review by Lee

    Lee ( 2020-Jun-24 )


    We really have enjoyed this piece, but it has faded fast under the sun light.

  • Review by Ann

    Ann ( 2020-Feb-20 )


    Comfortable chairs, although seat may be tight for some. Chair is more attractive than the picture shows. The chairs were well wrapped for protection during shipping. No assemly required. Just unoack and use.

  • Review by Wendy

    Wendy ( 2020-Jan-29 )


    Was much heavier than I anticipated - was really well packaged and fairly easy to put together. Would recommend!

  • Review by Craig

    Craig ( 2020-Jun-16 )


    These are such comfortable chairs! I bought them as accent chairs for my living room. Beautifully made and a wonderful addition.

  • Review by Lorraine

    Lorraine ( 2020-Mar-31 )


    Pretty at first but does not hold up to weather outside. Had it for a year and have to replace it.

  • Review by Luann

    Luann ( 2020-Apr-17 )


    Lovely shade of red - same as our front door. Look lovely by the door with hostas in. They don't look like plastic at all. Great value.

  • Review by William

    William ( 2020-Apr-09 )


    Very happy, with the light, well made and Sturdy for the money. The service and speed of delivery from was brilliant.

  • Review by Jary

    Jary ( 2020-Feb-09 )


    Very easy to assemble with clear instructions in the Manuel provided. Arrived on time and with everything needed in the box. Very happy with the end result. It's a very spacious storage box that perfectly fits in our garden. Looks good too!

  • Review by Greg

    Greg ( 2020-Jun-11 )


    Excellent planter, arrived well packaged and on time. A great addition to the patio.

  • Review by Christine

    Christine ( 2020-Jun-14 )


    Brilliant - easy to put together, I did it alone in about half hour and didn’t need to drill any holes (some reviews mentioned this) Looks great and fits shoes / boots easily as well as fitting in a small hallway without dominating it. Fabulous buy.

  • Review by Diane

    Diane ( 2020-Feb-19 )


    smaller than it posted but pretty after putting plants into it.

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