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About Outdoor Cushions

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Outdoor Cushions

Soft outdoor furnishings are an essential part of garden décor. They add comfort to benches and seats while complementing your flowers and garden ornaments.

Style and Comfort

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To ensure they last longer than a few months , outdoor cushions need to be made from durable materials that can handle rain and intense sunshine without losing their colour. But they also need to be soft and forgiving - just like pillows or cushions on a living room sofa. And above all , they have to look the part , fitting into the aesthetic of garden designs , without adding a jarring note. This makes choosing the right cushions doubly important.

Finding Outdoor Cushions Sizes

Most garden furniture cushions in our catalogue are medium-sized - the right kind of size for swinging chairs or sofas , so that sitters have a little extra support underneath them while they enjoy the sunshine. But you will find larger designs as well , often exceeding 50cm in width. As a rule. try to match up cushions with the size of the seat they are going to be used with. If you have a huge garden bench that lacks visual definition , a couple of larger cushions would work well , but cushions under 30cm wide could be better for use with individual chairs.

Get Creative with Cushion Patterns

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Modern outdoor cushions designers are as skilled as the fashion elite , crafting a dizzying array of embroidered products. There are psychedelic prints which employ vivid colours and intricate patterns. There are cushions with elegant geometric patterns , along with rich black options , Himalayan-influenced designs , and plenty of styles which incorporate natural imagery. A good idea is to match up cushion colours to your favourite flowers. Blues or lilacs could combine beautifully with wisteria or foxgloves , while cream or yellow designs would suit gardens based around white hydrangea. And with a range of cushions to use , you can switch looks with the seasons , ensuring beautiful furnishings all year-round.

Play With Different Shapes

As you'll see when you start browsing for garden furniture cushions , our catalogue also features a diverse range of cushion shapes. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to cushions for garden benches or dining areas , and buyers can select from square , rectangular , lozenge-shaped , or rounded styles. Round cushions tend to harmonise well with square furniture , and vice versa - creating an attractive contrast. But some people will also appreciate the soft look of circular cushions. In any case , finding the shape you need should be simple.

Materials Matter with Outdoor Cushions

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As we mentioned earlier , all good cushions for outdoor use need to be made from resilient , weatherproof materials , but there are other factors to think about. For instance , many modern cushion designers use only ecologically sustainable materials , conscious of the footprint of their production. And many also conform to the highest safety standards , including Oeko-Tex ratings to limit harmful chemicals. So if you have concerns about the environment or safety , finding gentle , sustainably manufactured cushions shouldn't be hard.

Add Reversible Cushions for Flexibility

Another handy feature of many outdoor cushion designs is their reversibility. This means that cushion covers can be turned inside-out while remaining suitable for use as outdoor soft furnishings. That way , users can handle stains or moisture by flipping the cover , giving their cushions a new lease of life. And if covers become dirty , most cushions will also be machine washable - making it simple to rejuvenate their appearance when outdoor spaces need to look their best.

Combine Cushions with Outdoor Accessories

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When you come to purchase a new set of outdoor cushions , buying them on their own isn't the only option. It can also be a good idea to combine cushions with other accessories to enhance outdoor spaces. If you're aiming to add some magic to your garden or balcony , fairy and string lights or lanterns could be a great addition. Shade sails or parasols can add protection for seating areas , shielding designer cushions from direct sunlight , while storage cupboards and sheds offer a place to stash your cushions when the weather deteriorates. Planters , trellises , or pots also offer spaces to plant flowers to complement cushion designs.