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All About of Garden Edging

Garden Edging

Sprucing up your outdoor space? Details like garden edging can make a big difference. It's both stylish and practical - durable and low-maintenance. They prevent grass rhizomes from encroaching on flowerbeds and separate lawns from other parts of the property. You can use metal , timber and plastic edgings from the wide selections in our stores to really add some flair to your lawn.

Why Use Garden Edging?

Garden  Edging  by  Sol  72  Outdoor

Edging also acts as décor. Garden fencing creates subtle borders between different parts of your property. For instance , you can separate your lawn from the flower bed using log or metal rolls. Edging fences also serve as a barrier - preventing tree roots from penetrating parts of your garden or compound where they could damage property or deprive other plants of nutrients. They also help your garden resist erosion by acting as miniature dykes. Metal edgings prevent pets and livestock from straying into the garden.

Timber Edging

Wood makes for rustic-looking fencing. There are several types of timber edges ranging from round posts to square and oval shapes. All log edges are pressure or dip treated to protect them from pests and weather damage. Timber is easier to install than stone or brick constructions because it doesn't require trenches. Use galvanised corner braces to make joints at sharp edges by placing them on the inside of the edge and screwing them.

Stylish Metal

Metal  Garden  Edging

Crisp metal edges double up as outdoor décor. You can use them to separate lawns from flowerbeds. Metal structures are made of corrosion-resistant cast iron , aluminium or steel and covered with gloss for extra protection. They come in a variety of colours. Choose a different colour for each partition of the flowerbed. Metal edging sets are easy to install because they have spikes that attach to the ground without requiring trenches. Edging maintains borders without obstructing great views of the landscape. Metal ones give the impression of a fluid space with each fence décor leading to a new area on the compound.

Keep It Rolling

Rolls are great for edging circular spaces but you can also use them on partitions with sharp edges. They're versatile too. Use them to create artificial contours on the lawn and labyrinths in the flowerbed. Curved edgings create graceful round edges on the partitions in your garden. You can use edge sets to prevent the erosion and displacement of decorative stones on your pavements. Or install them for a contrast between the dark colours of your decking and the lush greenery of the lawn.

Before You Shop

Edwidge  Lawn  Edging

First , estimate the number of sets or the length of the roll to buy at Wayfair by measuring the length of the lawn or garden. Roll out a tape measure or rope around the area you want to fence. Make sure it covers all corners properly. Jot down the measurements. Most sets of metal , plastic and wood edging are ± 7 meters long , so divide the total length by 7 to see the number of sets you'll need to buy.

Putting Up Your Edging

To install garden edging , you need a square spade , a shovel and screwing tools. Create a shallow trench at the edge of the lawn using the spade. The trench should be 8 to 15 cm depending on the size of the edging. Use shallow trenches for short edgings and deep trenches for bigger edgings to make sure they hold firmly. Then arrange the edging material on the trench. Cover up the edging so that only the top third remains above the soil. Press the soil around the edge to make sure it's firm and compact. For plastic and metal rolls , insert a stake every 1.5 meters to hold it firmly in place.

Transform your garden

Evens  Border  Fence

Finish off your landscaping tour of Wayfair by selecting some gorgeous plant pots from the range of plastic , wooden , metal and concrete options available in our store. Hanging baskets , planter stands , garden arches , and boxes will look elegant on your patio or lawn after you've put up the edgings. Finally , pick up some fence panels to revamp your home from the entrance to the backyard.

18 of 13 Review For Storey 0.4m X 0.3m Edging

  • Review by Vikki

    Vikki ( 2020-Sep-12 )


    It’s fantastic so comfortable slightly tricky to build but once its up it really is fantastic. We have spent so much time as a family relaxing on it since we bought it

  • Review by Della

    Della ( 2020-Sep-06 )


    Decent swing. Not too large, good enough for two people. We will see how it holds up outside. The wood seems like somewhat decent quality, but not sure long-term. It is somewhat difficult awkward to put together. I would recommend two people to put this item together. Part of the main beam cracked slightly when I was putting it together. Used some wood glue it’s good as new, however, you shouldn’t have to use wood glue on a brand new product. Also, the styrofoam in the packaging is a PAIN! The little styrofoam pieces get everywhere! It falls apart so easily - wish they would use better quality styrofoam. It seems like a little thing but it’s quite a pain to clean up.

  • Review by Yvonne

    Yvonne ( 2020-Dec-05 )


    Fantastic purchase, keeps everything dry and super easy to build great service from purchase through to delivery.

  • Review by Stina

    Stina ( 2020-Oct-20 )


    Very cute but they're extremely small. The picture does not reflect the reality in size. Yes, you had the dimensions posted, but when the handles are added into the height this can be misconstrued for a bigger vessel (which happened in my case). The form is nice, the material is lovely and modern but the vessel size is unrealistic for any planter, even for the tiniest plant. There's no picture to send, I've just packed them away in a drawer because it won't worth the return postage.

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-Aug-28 )


    Neat. Able to align two alongside each other on window sill without any overhang. Weighty enough to avoid slippage in bad weather.

  • Review by Monica

    Monica ( 2020-Jun-13 )


    Well made. On my deck to store my pool water arobic equipment Adds another seat on the deck

  • Review by Melody

    Melody ( 2021-Apr-16 )


    These chairs are not properly finished. First day of use a cold drink left a ring (water mark) on the armrest. So I went out and purchased a water sealer and proceeded to properly waterproof the chairs (4). $25 and 3 hours later they're in good shape. Also, they say they are rated to 300 pounds but I sure wouldn't test that out if I were you. They could be built out of more solid wood for the price. Lastly, the assembly instructions were so so. Once you get one done the rest go pretty fast though. Overall, 2/5 and that's based on the sale price. At "full price" I wouldn't bother. They look really nice but they require upkeep right from the get go and I'm not convinced they won't break in 5 years after regular use.

  • Review by Mark Richard

    Mark Richard ( 2021-Feb-14 )


    Got this storage bench for my hall way. It was quick to assemble. Instruction where easy to follow . The starting area is just the right high.

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Jul-18 )


    These are very cute and exactly as pictured though they are TINY. I don't even have a plant that will fit in here. Just keep that in mind when buying them. Otherwise, they seem well made.

  • Review by Liz

    Liz ( 2020-Sep-20 )


    I absolutely love this! Perfect for my busy family with 4 children. Its very well made and was stress free putting it together. The shelfs are deep so my partners size 12 trainers fit without hanging over the edge. Very happy x

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2021-Apr-05 )


    Great storage solution. Easily gets all my cushions from a large 6 seater corner unit. The anthracite wood effect looks great also.

  • Review by Anita

    Anita ( 2020-Sep-04 )


    Excellent! Straight forward instructions, very easy to put together and box looks fab on my decking. Originally would have preferred dark brown colour, but out of stock, so went with the grey. Very pleased I did as it is a great contract to my brown decking. Perfect size to fit all my rattan furniture cushions, plus more!

  • Review by Liz

    Liz ( 2021-Apr-04 )


    The bench is self assembly but quite easy to put together and I did it on my own in about 20 minutes (and I'm over 60!) very comfortable and lots of room to sit on. Very sturdy. May need a coat of varnish otherwise the wood will fade to a natural grey. Very pleased with this purchase

  • Review by Tully

    Tully ( 2020-Oct-12 )


    We had already bought the wood effect version, for the hall, a decided it would make a good book shelf Niknak shelf for my daughters room. Easy to assemble. Great quality and sturdy

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Nov-01 )


    Lovely Bench, very impressed. Well finished. Seats 3 easily and front to back length is good even for us 'shorties'

  • Review by Karen

    Karen ( 2020-Jun-20 )


    I bought this as a place to store gardening tools and potting soil on my condo patio. It seems reasonably sturdy to sit on as well. It is clean and unobtrusive looking, and also could be a place to hold a cocktail. Great piece!

  • Review by Aileen

    Aileen ( 2021-Mar-03 )


    It’s awesome!! We had our first guests the other night since we have this swing, they were amazed how pretty and comfortable it is. Moreover, it makes our deck look much fancier;) We definitely recommend it.

  • Review by Maria

    Maria ( 2020-Feb-08 )


    Received as shown in the picture. The wood is solid and quality is spot on. The swing is so sturdy. Easy to assemble with one helping hand. Delivered as promised on time. The only concern I had was ,couple of screws and bolts were missing. I need to buy from outside.

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