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  • Overall: 100cm H x 100cm W x 100cm D
  • Overall Product Weight: 350kg
    • Add a rustic charm to the garden setting with the stunning Danto Clay Oven. The inside oven is made using traditional hand thrown clay. It uses special materials which builds thermal insulation to retain the heat. The oven is designed with a cast iron twin door. It has a chimney with adjustable choke. The oven includes a built in high-quality temperature gauge which maintains temperature levels. The Danton Clay Oven uses hardwood logs.

      Product Name Danton Pizza Oven
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk749df159f1d19b1
      Category Outdoor Pizza Ovens
      Main Category Barbecues Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Hardwood Floor Cleaners

The type of wood floor you have will determine the type of floor cleaner you need to use. It is very important you choose the right cleaner because the wrong one can cause permanent damage to your wood floors. If you are unsure about the type of wood floor you have there are a few simple ways you can test it to find out. Most likely your floor has either a wax or surface finish.

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Cleaners for Wood Flooring with a Wax Finish

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All About of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Invest in a pizza oven to enjoy delectable crispy pizza in the privacy of your own home. Fortunately , this cooking dream is easy to achieve by opting for a built-in option or taking your pizzas on the road with a portable oven. Have your oven fitted on your patio or enhance your kitchen dining with a portable oven at the backdoor. You could even have one fitted on your business premises.

Getting Fired Up

Pizzaro  Dome  Shaped  Pizza  Oven

To create restaurant-quality pizzas in your garden , you'll need a fire. Outdoor pizza ovens help you achieve just the right temperature to bake a crispy pizza. They circulate the hot air inside , ensuring even cooking. Once the oven is heated leave it in place so that you don't end up hurting yourself on the scorching exterior. Slip your prepared pizza into the oven and leave it to cook. Use insulated gloves and an oven peel. After the pizzas are done , let the oven cool down completely before giving it a quick clean. Now it's ready to go for next time.

Built-in Pizza Ovens

If you decide to shop for built-in outdoor pizza ovens , there are several products to choose from. The most common are made from stainless steel , refractory clay or brick. Each comes with its own set of advantages. Generally , stainless steel products warm up quickly and are better for frequent use. On the other hand , refractory clay outdoor pizza ovens are more durable , retain their temperature for a longer period and are available at a great price. Finally , brick outdoor pizza ovens provide you with an authentic look , maximum stone contact , and outstanding heat retention.

Wood , Electric or Gas?

Wood  Fired  Pizza  Oven

Traditionally , there are 3 different heating options for outdoor pizza ovens. Electric ovens are generally easy to install as they don't require any venting. These operate just the same as your kitchen stove range and you have control over the temperature. Or , go for a gas option. Typically , gas ovens work like your garden BBQ. The best part is , you don't need to worry about searching for quality wood. If you're a traditionalist , you may enjoy a wood-fired design. They take a little more skill to use but give you a smoky taste unlike any other.

Setting It Up

Once you've received your delivery of a new outdoor pizza oven from this page , you may be wondering whether you should have a professional come out to install it. Generally , this depends on the specific type of oven that you buy as well as your skill level. Many of the clay and metal outdoor products available are simple to fit on your own. However , if you'd like a traditional brick option , it may be a good idea to search for some help so that you have sufficient airflow to make a crispy pie. Contact a local handyman to get the free advice you need.

What About Portable Ovens?

Piercy  Portable  Pizza  Oven  Kit

Portable ovens are often fired with charcoal or wood and reach the perfect warmth in a short time. You won't be able to use these accessories to cook for your business , but they're great for family cooking. If you're planning on travelling light , opt for a smaller electric pizza oven that fits in the back of your car. However , if you're touring in a camper van you might have space for a larger wood-fired oven. Make your favourite pizza for each family member and let the oven cool down. The best part is , you can simply relight it in the morning if you fancy another piping hot slice.

What Else Can It Do?

Technically , outdoor ovens are designed to create a fired pizza , however , they are a multifunctional item. Get the wood out early on a Sunday morning before you make lunch. Pop your roast into the oven as you would with a BBQ and a few hours later you can enjoy melt-in your mouth meat in the privacy of your own home. Alternatively , you could prepare a sourdough starter and bake delicious bread on any day of the week.

Transform Your Patio

Morin  Pizza  Oven

Once you've received your new oven delivery , you may find that your outdoor space is screaming for a revamp. You could buy a classic garden table and chair set , for a comfortable spot to enjoy your delicacies. Add some romance to the space. Scatter solar-powered lamps throughout your garden and on your table. Hang strings of fairy lights on your roof. To really make the most of "me time " invest in a beautiful outdoor lounger. That way you'll have a comfortable spot to read while you wait for your pizza.

15 of 9 Review For Danton Pizza Oven

  • Review by Vikki

    Vikki ( 2020-Aug-02 )


    Perfect for keeping hall tidy - excellent value for money and so easy to put together I managed it all by myself!

  • Review by Liz

    Liz ( 2020-Mar-05 )


    Love these chairs. The armless chairs sell out very quickly so decided to get the ones with arms and they go perfect with the other chairs. Very sturdy and comfortable. Love the color of the black and white. They fit perfectly around my table and they stack when you want to store them.

  • Review by Janet

    Janet ( 2020-Mar-24 )


    Some of the sections were warped and had to be straightened using some gentle heat. There were 4 screws missing but Keter customer services were helpful when telephoned. The shed looks good once built up (not the easiest process) and there is a good amount of space inside. The double doors are a bonus as it makes access to equipment easier. Although I am relatively pleased with the shed I do think it is a little expensive for what it is.

  • Review by Cathy Daniels

    Cathy Daniels ( 2020-May-09 )


    we've had this little set now for about 3 years and cant fault it. Zero signs of wear or damage through use. The set stays out all winter under a small cover and cleans up well. really pleased with it.

  • Review by Steven

    Steven ( 2020-Mar-17 )


    This set is gorgeous. Quality & style are bang on, especially the scatter cushions, they just set it all off nicely. Delivered well ahead of original estimated date as well! ...Thanks,, you nailed it!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Jul-01 )


    Enjoyed building the shoe bench, straight forward and sturdy. Fits perfectly; really pleased with it. More storage than my last shoe rack.

  • Review by Maz

    Maz ( 2020-Apr-19 )


    Used to house my spa supplies. Matches hose and bench seat. Very sturdy even as a seat

  • Review by Steve

    Steve ( 2020-Jul-01 )


    Arrived damaged. Expected higher quality for what was listed as the original price of 1400 before the big “sale”. For the price paid (290) it is a good value.

  • Review by Ross

    Ross ( 2020-Feb-24 )


    Prompt delivery, good quality set for my apartment balcony. Just took about 15 minutes to unpack box, put on screw in feet, etc. Only grief was an annoying large sticker on the table glass top that just wouldn't peel off but soon removed after buying and using some white spirit

  • Review by Ela

    Ela ( 2020-May-15 )


    Look stunning. Brightened my outdoor life up. Really quick delivery which was needed as the electrician was booked. Bought LED bulbs

  • Review by Rosie

    Rosie ( 2020-Apr-03 )


    Great quality and looks ace on our window ledge. Let’s just hope I can keep the plants alive!

  • Review by John

    John ( 2020-Jun-17 )


    This is a really great looking sofa set and it’s also very comfy too. The only small criticism is the colour of the seat covers in white which looks great but gets dirty quite easily (but can be removed and machine washed). So would be good if there was an option to customise the colour combinations. But all in all it’s a great set.

  • Review by Katy

    Katy ( 2020-Jan-10 )


    Delivered earlier than stated, assembly instructions very easy to follow. It took me 3/4 hours to assemble. Good quality for the price range. Looks very smart in our decking. Friends and family have all commented on how nice it looks.

  • Review by Tracey

    Tracey ( 2020-May-30 )


    Very pleased with purchased. Ideal for storing all the patio sofa cushions. Very easy to construct and it fit together well. Its as good as any of the other units from other suppliers and alot cheaper.

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Jul-10 )


    These chairs are well constructed. They are so cute with my glass bistro table on our screened porch. Love the black and white!

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