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  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Product Type: Lid
  • Overall Product Weight: 2kg
    • Spare clay lid for Rosas cranberry and black. To suit chimeneas of inner funnel maximum diameter of 16.5 cm Protect your chimenea from rain and bad weather with a Gardeco chimenea lid. Made of the same clay as the chimeneas and painted in matching colours. Clay lids are hand made and hand painted so shapes and colours may vary slightly. Do not light the chimenea with the lid on it. This may cause the lid to break.

      Product Name Lid
      Brand Gardeco
      Product SKU ukd74b734bfbbbc0e
      Category Accessories Attachments
      Main Category Barbecues Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Home Decorating Ideas Articles and Tips

Home decor contains the following things:

Budget Decoration, Crafts, Garden decoration, Holiday Decoration, Home Improvement, Home Interior Decorating and Kid Decorating.

A. The Budget Decorators Top 3 Tips

1.PAINT! I know youve heard it before, but its true, paint is the cheapest, fastest way to dramatically change a room in just hours!

2.Use a themeeven if its just a favorite color scheme or one you found in a magazine, its a place to start and plan.

3.Rearrangemove things around until you find a pleasing arrangement that works for you, whether its your furniture or your bookshelves!

Cottage style decorating on budget
Cottage decorating is meant for real living, which makes it perfect for the budget decorator! Cottage style is a relaxed and casual style, reminiscent of a small vacation cottage in the woods, at the beach, or in the mountains.
Cheap bedroom decorating ideas
Did you ever wake up one morning, look around your bedroom and want to pull the cover back over your head? Join the club. Don't be glum! Redecorating doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg!
B. Craft Decorating Ideas

Homemade Christmas gift ideas
Creating Christmas gifts by hand is always a winning gift idea for anyone you may be close to. These are especially loved by parents and grandparents, because they appreciate and understand the time, attention, and love that went in to making the gift.

Handmade Beaded Ornaments
Here's an excellent Christmas gift idea that can be made right at home, and it's a wonderful family craft project for older kids, teenagers, and adults who just love being crafty: Homemade Christmas Ornaments.

C. Holiday Decorating Ideas

Its the holiday season, and while lights and decorations are an important part of the celebrations, nothing brings back memories of those special holiday moments better than classic seasonal scents such as pine, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar cookie. The holiday season means different things to different people. While some look forward to this time of year because it means time off work or school, others love getting dressed up for parties and going shopping; parents and grandparents enjoy having the whole family together; and for the kids, its all about the presents.

D. Home Improvement

It seems everyone is applying for loans so that they can make improvements to their home. Some individuals will burn through thousands of dollars to improve the look if their home. Major improvements such as new flooring or a deck can require a significant amount of money.

E. Home Interior Decorating

Beach Theme Bedroom, Cheap Bedroom ideas, The beauty of contemporary table lamp, Decorate with shabby chic

F. Kid Decorating

Childrens Bedding can be fun and functional

There is nothing more exciting than taking your little one out to buy new bedding. The selection of childrens bedding on the market is simply fantastic.

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20 of 16 Review For Lid

  • Review by Eilidh

    Eilidh ( 2020-Mar-17 )


    Just what I needed for all the garden cushions. Easy to assemble and nice sturdy design. It’s massive too!

  • Review by Janeradnor

    Janeradnor ( 2021-May-09 )


    Fantastic plant pots, look really good. Very competitive price, would purchase again from Arrived in good time, tracking very good too.

  • Review by Liz

    Liz ( 2021-Jul-06 )


    Easy to make up, but don't do like me and stupidly put it together in my lounge, and couldn't get it out the French doors, so had to dis-assemble to do this. Comfortable to sit on. I would definitely recommend varnishing it.

  • Review by Dorothy

    Dorothy ( 2021-Jul-05 )


    Great little greenhouse, does what I need, good size where space is at a premium

  • Review by Jary

    Jary ( 2020-Jan-31 )


    Very quick delivery on these planters. I ordered 5 medium and 5 smaller planters and all but one arrived undamaged. Took a photo of the damage and another was sent immediately. Very pleased with the look of these items and price paid. Had to drill drainage holes in the bottom which was fine but they look good and I like the fact that they have inserts which means you don't need to fill two thirds of each planter which saves a lot on compost. Put some rocks/bricks in the bottom part so that it is not top heavy. Very pleased with the service and product

  • Review by Heather

    Heather ( 2020-Jun-03 )


    More solid (in a good way) than expected and good quality. Quite challenging to put together, but looks great.

  • Review by Keith

    Keith ( 2020-Jul-13 )


    It will serve its purpose for what we got it but looks like cheap plastic so the appearance is definitely not "top quality". However, I have no doubt that it will stand up to the elements!

  • Review by E.

    E. ( 2020-Jan-11 )


    Nice bench , but the one I wanted was the wrong color. The one I wanted was out of stock after I ordered. They should have asked if I wanted another color and if not refunded my money. Not just sent me one that they wanted to get rid of

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2020-Jun-18 )


    the only way to improve it would be storage space! nice simple desing, big comfortable seats.

  • Review by Meredith

    Meredith ( 2021-May-14 )


    This small piece of furniture is bright, very easy to assemble, looks great in the hall, ideal with the padded seat area for putting on/taking of boots/shoes, with ample space for at least pairs of shoes. Would definitely recommend.

  • Review by Geraldine

    Geraldine ( 2021-Jul-09 )


    Practical large secure place for everything. Easy to assemble and has useful work top when its closed.

  • Review by Reena Dwarka

    Reena Dwarka ( 2021-Mar-05 )


    I had looked for months for a bench to put on our front porch. I knew the look I wanted and finally found it in this bench. It is comfortable and the table in the middle is very handy. It was more expensive than I wanted, but the quality is very nice. I love the color! My husband put it together in no time once he read the directions (lol). I think there were all of eight screws and everything lined up perfectly. We put sliders on the legs to elevate it a bit as a precaution since it is on a covered porch which does get water on it. Pros: Beautiful finish, easy to assenble, feels nice and sturdy but comfortable. Cons: None

  • Review by Siobhan

    Siobhan ( 2021-Sep-13 )


    Love this product, looks exactly like pictures. Excellent quality and brilliant delivery service. Highly recommend.

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-Jul-04 )


    Great for filler on the collage wall. Not much else to say except they didn’t break on the way

  • Review by Donna

    Donna ( 2020-Oct-16 )


    Bought 4 of these for around our fire pit. Husband put them together in less than a hour and they are so comfortable.

  • Review by Catherine

    Catherine ( 2020-Jul-30 )


    These are great!!! I ordered 2 and they came quickly and they’re so easy to put together. The foam top comes with it and I think they’re a bargain!! Only issue I had was once the little feet are on try not to drag them Into position Cos they’ll pull off on the carpet. Try picking up and placing. All in all a great buy I would definitely recommend this for a reception area or in the hallway.

  • Review by Pamela

    Pamela ( 2020-Dec-27 )


    Absolutely lovely set that fits perfectly on the balcony. Quite comfortable and easy cleaning cushions. Only tiny addition needed (or advice) would be to get clips to hold some of the seating together, if you are putting on decking or hard flooring as it may slide apart.

  • Review by Angela

    Angela ( 2020-Jun-07 )


    Great product, bought for the summer months at a good price already looks lovely on our decking area. Highly recommend.

  • Review by Jessica

    Jessica ( 2021-Sep-17 )


    These are really smart. And value for money too. Heavier and more expensive looking than I’d thought they would be

  • Review by Justin

    Justin ( 2020-Dec-18 )


    This was really difficult to put together, but once we finally figured it out (after three hours) is it beautiful and sturdy.

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