Friday, March 9, 2012

Boise Competition 2012

Great job to all who danced at the Boise Kick-off 2012 competition!

We had so much fun. I wish I had more pictures- but I'm always too busy to take them. If anyone has pictures, please e-mail some to me!

The day started with our tiny cutiesThey were so adorable on stage that they took a high first place. Way to go!

We also had a class of 12 girls who danced for their first time on a competition stage. "True to Your Heart" took a 2nd place and all of the girls made it through their dance sparkling.

Our "Some Days" and "Blue Suede Shoes" dancers were amazing... again. They are well-known for their precision. When they're on, they're on.

A salute to our boys who took first place with "Poker Face". And all who danced "Hello Seattle", "Pop in an Oak" and "Mambo #5". You are all looking better every year. Thanks for letting me work you so hard. I promise to remember the value of candybar bribery.

My brave dancers of the combined Advanced, Champ Pro team stepped on stage and danced "Step In Time" for their very first time. We had so many positive comments about that dance. "The Fox" was nice and for those who danced "Just Dance", we appreciate you taking such a complicated dance onto a competition stage this early in the process.

"Sweet" danced by adults and the combined team did fantastic.

And to my adult team, thanks for having fun on the stage. It really was fun- and that's what dancing is supposed to be. Yes, you earned your firsts.

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