Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February Update

We made it through another amazing competition. The Boise Kick-Off Classic held at NNU Feb. 19 was a great success. A big thanks to all the amazing people who made it happen.

And how did the Boise Cloggers do?

Fabulous. Here's a quick rundown...
Novice team Tikki Room- 2nd Place
Novice team Jitterbug- 1st Place
Beginning team Poker Face- 1st Place
Beginning team Hello Seattle- 2nd Place
Beginning team Hamster Dance- 2nd Place
Intermediate team Good Good Night- 1st Place
Advanced team Mambo #5- 1st Place
Advanced team Numa Numa- 1st Place
Advanced team Never Been- 1st Place
Championship team Blacktop- 1st Place
Championship team Sweet- 1st Place
Championship team Let's Get it Started- 1st Place
Championship team Pole Position- 1st Place

Special Trophies:

Overall Team Grand Champions: Jitterbug for the Novice level
Overall Team Grand Champions: Never Been for the Advanced level
Overall Team Grand Champions: Let's Get it Started for the Championship level

Overall Studio Grand Champions: Advanced Level
Overall Studio Grand Champions: Championship Level

Congratulations everyone. You were awesome.

Coming up on the calendar...
Feb. 26 Kids Fair at the Idaho Expo Bldg. at the Fairgrounds. We dance from 3:00-3:30

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