Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Women's Fitness Celebration

September 24
Women’s Fitness Show
Be there by 6:10 PM, show starts at 6:30
Boise Centre on the Grove

Performance Order:

1- Fox
2- Animal Crackers
3- Hawaiian Rollercoaster4- Pole Position
5- Jitterbug
6- Other Side
7- Numa Numa
8-Traditional Solo
9- Freestyle
10- Mambo #5
11- I Want Candy
12- Scatman
13- Never Been
14- A Cappella

We have some updated information for our performance this Thursday evening. Be there 20 minutes before the show starts- meaning, be there by 6:10 ready to go.

Enter Entrance C. All performers will have free admission to the Women's Show and every child performer is allowed to bring one parent free of charge.

Please fill out and bring the release form for all dancers under 18 years old.

We will have this be a one costume performance. Advanced, Championship and Adult teams will wear the red tops with black pants for the whole show.

Please arrive with hair and make-up ready.

No classes this week! See you Thursday at the Boise Centre on the Grove at 6:10!

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