Wednesday, August 19, 2009

United Way -August 27 Show

Hi everybody -

We were invited to perform for the United Way kick-off event called the Flapjack Feed. Because this is an event that will have local celebrities and politicians, there may be some wiggle room w/ start & stop times, but most likely everything should run on schedule.

9:35 am - 10:00 am Boise Cloggers

August 27

Performance Order:

1- Pole Position
2- Hawaiian Rollercoaster
3- Let’s Get it Started
4- Numa Numa
5- Other Side
7- South
8- Sweet
9- Scatman
10-I Want Candy
11- Never Been
12- A Cappella

The event will be at the Boise Centre on the Grove. Please be there, in front of the stage by 9:10 AM. The stage and event is outside.

Because this is only a 25 minute performance, we are including the Beginner class- Hawaiian Rollercoaster & I Want Candy, the Intermediate Team- Other Side & Scatman, the Advanced/Championship Team and the Adult team.

We will not have time for solos at this show, but I may include a Freestyle. This is a one costume show- so red tops for those in the Adv/Champ & Adult teams.

This event will involve a great number of the community, and therefore, we are hoping for a really profesional performance from all of our dancers. It is an honor to be invited.

Thanks for all your help!

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 4 Show

August 4, Tuesday – Born To Succeed – Be there by 9:45 AM, show is 10:00-10:45. All classes invited to attend. 8211 Ustick Rd. (corner of Milwaukee and Ustick Rd.)

August 4

Performance Order:

1-Animal Crackers
2- Jitterbug
3- Hawaiian Rollercoaster
4- Pole Position
5- Other Side
6- Let’s Get it Started
7- Line Solo
8- Show Solo
9- Percussive Solo
10-Traditional Solo
11- South
12- Freestyle
13- Sweet
14- Scatman
15- Miracles Happen
16- Numa Numa
17- I Want Candy
18- Never Been
19- A Cappella

This is a one costume show- no costume changes. Don't forget your clogging shoes!