Sunday, July 12, 2009

Give it a try

I figured out that I'm better at blogging than website managing. I still have the website, and I'm going to try to keep it updated, but I wanted to give a blog a try.

The coolest part of blogging is keeping it fresh. Got a great photo, shoot me an e-mail. I am looking for some action shots. The thing I like most is having the ability to keep things updated and posting photos.

But I rarely take pictures at shows. I'm too busy dancing or directing. I need you help! If you've got pictures, please please share!!

And, if you're not familiar with blogging, at the bottom of each post you can leave a comment. This is a great way to quickly communicate with the rest of the studio and me. Anything you don't want the rest of the world to read you should still e-mail. Yes, my regular e-mail address is the one you should use. Don't use the e-mail on the profile, I only check it every other week.

And now, for the rest of the story.

So far I don't have any shows for July. I know. Weird. I visited the Meridian Farmers Market yesterday and found that they don't have an area for dancing or an audience. They have moved the whole venue to a little side street. It's narrow. There was a vocalist with a guitar, but that's about all they can handle this year. As things stand, it doesn't look like we'll be there.

Here's what's on the schedule for August:

August 1, Saturday, Army National Guard, plan to be at the base by 3:00, our show starts at 3:30. This show will be for the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Championship and Adult teams. Wear only one costume for the whole show. I must have the full name and birthdate- including year- from all who will be on base for this show. Dancers, parents, siblings, everyone, and I have to have this by July 23. Please e-mail me!

August 4, Tuesday – Born To Succeed – Be there by 9:45 AM, show is 10:00-10:45. All classes invited to attend. 8211 Ustick Rd. (corner of Milwaukee and Ustick Rd.)

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