Monday, November 23, 2009

Festival of Trees 2009

November 25, Wednesday--- Festival Of Trees
Boise Centre on the Grove
Admission free for dancers and chaperones
Be there by 6:30 PM, Show starts at 7:00 PM
Please bring wear your costumes and bring your shoes. This is a full costume show for those dancers who have multiple costumes.
Admission: General: $6
Seniors: $4
Children 12 and under: $3

Performance Order:

1- Fox (black jacket)
2- South (burgundy costume)
3- Blacktop
4- Pop in an Oak (black dresses)
5- Groove Set (purple top)
6- Tikki Room (red dresses)
7- Mambo #5 (pink tops)
8- Numa Numa (black w/ silver dots)
9- Nothin’ For Christmas- Scatman
10- Freestyle
11- Let’s Get It Started (black/pink)
12- Pole Position (black/silver)
13- Other Side (pink tops)
14- Miracles Happen (purple top)
15- Sweet (white/gold)
16- Traditional Solo
17- I Want Candy (black dresses)
18- Never Been (red tops)
19- Deck the Halls (EVERYONE on stage)

November 26- Happy Thanksgiving! No class

December 14, Monday---Villas of Riverplace show
767 E. Park Center, Boise 83706
Be there at 6:15, show starts at 6:30
This is a one costume show- red tops for the Adv/Champ & Adult teams

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Show October 1

October 1
Kindergarten and First Grade Conference
Red Lion Downtown in the main ballroom
Show starts at 1:00

Performance Order:

1- Fox
2- Hawaiian Rollercoaster
3- Pole Position
4- Other Side
5- Numa Numa
6- Traditional Solo
7- Freestyle
8- Mambo #5
9- I Want Candy
10- Scatman
11- Sweet

This is a one costume show, red tops for the Advanced/Championship Team. The adult team is excused from this show.

We do have classes this week, October 1.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Women's Fitness Celebration

September 24
Women’s Fitness Show
Be there by 6:10 PM, show starts at 6:30
Boise Centre on the Grove

Performance Order:

1- Fox
2- Animal Crackers
3- Hawaiian Rollercoaster4- Pole Position
5- Jitterbug
6- Other Side
7- Numa Numa
8-Traditional Solo
9- Freestyle
10- Mambo #5
11- I Want Candy
12- Scatman
13- Never Been
14- A Cappella

We have some updated information for our performance this Thursday evening. Be there 20 minutes before the show starts- meaning, be there by 6:10 ready to go.

Enter Entrance C. All performers will have free admission to the Women's Show and every child performer is allowed to bring one parent free of charge.

Please fill out and bring the release form for all dancers under 18 years old.

We will have this be a one costume performance. Advanced, Championship and Adult teams will wear the red tops with black pants for the whole show.

Please arrive with hair and make-up ready.

No classes this week! See you Thursday at the Boise Centre on the Grove at 6:10!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Schedule Starts this Week!

September is already here, and with it, our new schedule. We are getting right into things this week. Check out the class schedule below. If you have any questions about anything, let me know. boisecloggers at

If you're wondering when we're going to get new costumes- we're going to be talking about that this month. After the dust settles and we see who is in which class, I'll be getting information out to you about what we're looking at for costumes this year.

I can tell you already- no sewing. If we have to custom make anything, we'll be hiring it out.

Also new this year, we're going to be working on a new dance that will involve many of our classes. This dance is for performances and gives several levels a chance to dance together on stage.

If you haven't ordered a solos DVD and still want one, come to the studio to get the License Number for our group. You can order the DVD online.

Those of you wanting new split sole clogging shoes, please contact Bonnie Steele at

For regular shoes, we will still have a selection here at the studio to try on. We can order the $30 shoes for you. Taps are $16 and we'll put them on for you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

United Way -August 27 Show

Hi everybody -

We were invited to perform for the United Way kick-off event called the Flapjack Feed. Because this is an event that will have local celebrities and politicians, there may be some wiggle room w/ start & stop times, but most likely everything should run on schedule.

9:35 am - 10:00 am Boise Cloggers

August 27

Performance Order:

1- Pole Position
2- Hawaiian Rollercoaster
3- Let’s Get it Started
4- Numa Numa
5- Other Side
7- South
8- Sweet
9- Scatman
10-I Want Candy
11- Never Been
12- A Cappella

The event will be at the Boise Centre on the Grove. Please be there, in front of the stage by 9:10 AM. The stage and event is outside.

Because this is only a 25 minute performance, we are including the Beginner class- Hawaiian Rollercoaster & I Want Candy, the Intermediate Team- Other Side & Scatman, the Advanced/Championship Team and the Adult team.

We will not have time for solos at this show, but I may include a Freestyle. This is a one costume show- so red tops for those in the Adv/Champ & Adult teams.

This event will involve a great number of the community, and therefore, we are hoping for a really profesional performance from all of our dancers. It is an honor to be invited.

Thanks for all your help!

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 4 Show

August 4, Tuesday – Born To Succeed – Be there by 9:45 AM, show is 10:00-10:45. All classes invited to attend. 8211 Ustick Rd. (corner of Milwaukee and Ustick Rd.)

August 4

Performance Order:

1-Animal Crackers
2- Jitterbug
3- Hawaiian Rollercoaster
4- Pole Position
5- Other Side
6- Let’s Get it Started
7- Line Solo
8- Show Solo
9- Percussive Solo
10-Traditional Solo
11- South
12- Freestyle
13- Sweet
14- Scatman
15- Miracles Happen
16- Numa Numa
17- I Want Candy
18- Never Been
19- A Cappella

This is a one costume show- no costume changes. Don't forget your clogging shoes!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

August 1 - National Guard

August 1

Performance Order:
1- Pole Position
2- Hawaiian Rollercoaster
3- Let’s Get it Started
4- Numa Numa
5- Other Side
6- Sweet
7- Scatman
8- I Want Candy
9- Never Been
10- A Cappella

To enter the Gowen Field installation, each driver must present a valid drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. The gate guard will issue the driver of the vehicle a pass to enter the base facility.

Enter Gowen Field off of Gowen Rd. Turn Left on Farman St. Turn left on Ellsworth. Look for Bldg. 713 on the right. Turn into driveway- Open Air Pavillion.

Be at the National Guard base by 3:15 this Saturday. Come early enough to check in. They should direct you to the right area where we'll be performing for Diversity Days. This is a quick 20 minute show with no costume changes. Come in costume and bring your clogging shoes. In the past, there has been food- so we might be invited to eat again this year.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Give it a try

I figured out that I'm better at blogging than website managing. I still have the website, and I'm going to try to keep it updated, but I wanted to give a blog a try.

The coolest part of blogging is keeping it fresh. Got a great photo, shoot me an e-mail. I am looking for some action shots. The thing I like most is having the ability to keep things updated and posting photos.

But I rarely take pictures at shows. I'm too busy dancing or directing. I need you help! If you've got pictures, please please share!!

And, if you're not familiar with blogging, at the bottom of each post you can leave a comment. This is a great way to quickly communicate with the rest of the studio and me. Anything you don't want the rest of the world to read you should still e-mail. Yes, my regular e-mail address is the one you should use. Don't use the e-mail on the profile, I only check it every other week.

And now, for the rest of the story.

So far I don't have any shows for July. I know. Weird. I visited the Meridian Farmers Market yesterday and found that they don't have an area for dancing or an audience. They have moved the whole venue to a little side street. It's narrow. There was a vocalist with a guitar, but that's about all they can handle this year. As things stand, it doesn't look like we'll be there.

Here's what's on the schedule for August:

August 1, Saturday, Army National Guard, plan to be at the base by 3:00, our show starts at 3:30. This show will be for the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Championship and Adult teams. Wear only one costume for the whole show. I must have the full name and birthdate- including year- from all who will be on base for this show. Dancers, parents, siblings, everyone, and I have to have this by July 23. Please e-mail me!

August 4, Tuesday – Born To Succeed – Be there by 9:45 AM, show is 10:00-10:45. All classes invited to attend. 8211 Ustick Rd. (corner of Milwaukee and Ustick Rd.)